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More Than One Billion Viber Installations In Greece In 2021

Αρχική - Technology - More Than One Billion Viber Installations In Greece In 2021

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More Than One Billion Viber Installations In Greece In 2021

In its most recent data review for 2021, Viber reveals a 20% increase in the number of calls and a 15% increase in the number of messages sent last year. This means that the public in Greece made 1 billion calls, exceeded 90 million hours of conversations and sent 700 messages per second in the last 12 months. The users of the application in Greece made more calls and sent the largest number of messages during popular holidays, such as New Year and Valentine’s Day.

During the year Viber celebrated its 11th birthday, reached the milestone of 1 billion installations on Android phones, and released augmented reality lenses in collaboration with Snap Inc. The lenses were another success for the company. Since their launch in the fall, 2 million images with Viber Lenses have been created by users in Greece. Designed to make communication between users more enjoyable, Viber Lenses are also available to businesses and organizations, depending on their marketing strategy.

As pointed out, the lenses are a nice addition to the existing collections of application stickers that allow users to express themselves creatively and give companies a hassle-free way to increase their brand awareness and gain customers. According to Viber, 800 million stickers added salt and pepper to the conversations of users in Greece in 2021.

Last year, Viber presented important, strategically important collaborations that brought useful solutions to users in Greece.

ParkAround’s chatbot allows its subscribers to easily book parking spaces near airports and ports in the country’s two largest cities – Athens and Thessaloniki – and already has 50,000 users. Collaboration with Child Smile brought a chatbot to Viber, through which users receive real-time notifications of missing people, report cases of violence, and support the NGO voluntarily or financially. It has already reached over 100,000 members. The Greek government also has its own Viber channel where it announces important information on a daily basis. During last year it exceeded 1 million members.

In addition to her business achievements in 2021, the app also stood by women in technology, launching a competition for women entrepreneurship. The company announced full financial support, as well as support to developer staff, in order to digitize the business activities of the winners on Viber. The solutions will be presented in the first months of 2022.
As usage grows among users, businesses are also showing more interest in Viber business solutions in order to enhance the level of communication they can achieve with their customers in their favorite messaging app.

In 2021 in Greece Viber recorded:

-Increase of 35% in the number of chatbots and increase of 18% in terms of their use.

-79% increase in the number of new business accounts (55% increase worldwide)

-Overall increase of 82% in Viber business messages delivered: the number of chat messages (customer support) increased by 36%, promotional messages (offers, discounts, etc.) by 30%, and transaction messages (order confirmations, tracking) orders, appointment reminders, etc.) by an impressive 193%.
In total, more than 8,500 businesses worldwide rely on Viber business solutions to communicate directly with their customers.

Finally, companies can also use advertising solutions to become better known. Last year, the volume of ads impressions on Viber in Greece increased by 16% (and 70% worldwide) showing the significant interest of advertisers. Among the sectors that performed best were: the health and wellness sector with an increase of 90%, energy with 56% and transport with 51%. The application also saw a significant increase in new categories of advertising such as recruitment and local businesses, which reflects the pandemic impact on the labor market.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to change society’s daily lives and how it faces the new reality in 2021. I’m glad that both users and businesses have recognized Viber as the main way to connect with each other – or in person. , or business – during these difficult times “, comments Atanas Raykov, Senior Director EMENA of Rakuten Viber.