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IT specialization: What the market is asking for today

Αρχική - Technology - IT specialization: What the market is asking for today

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IT specialization: What the market is asking for today

Everything may seem stagnant today but technology is galloping fast. Through a chest of specialties, old technologies are “dusted” and come out dynamically in the space and new ones are added.

Common key to all: Specialization.

Take the snake out of the hole

Do you know Python? Say it. You do not know; Learn.

A fascinating and in many cases hard to find trump card in the world of information technology and more. Scientific workshops, artificial intelligence file processing, games (PyGame), data analysis, automation, banking, are just a few of the areas where the Python programming language is a powerful ace in the CV. Simple syntax, excellent readability, portability and modern features make it suitable as a first programming language even for the most beginners. A good platform to get started is datacamp. If you want to go further, practice the Anaconda and Domino applications. Finally, most online seminar sites offer fast-paced free language courses. Do not think about it!

Analyse it

Data scientist, or otherwise the specialty of the future. All sciences today focus on data and their analysis. A Data Scientist is currently one of the highest paid in the IT industry. And not unfair. Clears data, analyzes, solves problems. A mathematical background is definitely welcome. First step: learn Python. The datacamp platform can also help you, but this specialty takes time and perseverance to perform. Start with the simple and if you are really interested, there are even postgraduate programs today to become a data scientist.

A picture is a thousand words

A little time, a lot of information. For the most creative fans of data science, data visualization comes to add color to their daily lives. It has become today the right hand of CEOs and not only. Today’s business intelligence solutions put a huge amount of data in order, helping decision-makers and businesses incorporating them more efficiently and competitively. Data visualization is a large industry with many tools in the market and levels of complexity. Tableau Software application shows increased demand today. The Public version is a good way to get to know the tool. A little practice and a basic knowledge of MySQL (programming language) is enough to open business doors.

The cloud brought rain

And in this case a rain of opportunities. Increased needs for information storage, support for Web 2.0 applications, and even teleworking are increasingly pushing businesses to switch to Cloud Computing. Our daily life is already inextricably linked to Cloud Computing and if you decide to get involved in the industry, you will definitely be welcome.