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Creative SXFI AIR GAMER: All in One

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Creative SXFI AIR GAMER: All in One

Creative Technology has announced the launch of the Creative SXFI AIR GAMER, which incorporates the best features of SXFI AIR and SXFI GAMER for the most versatile Super X-Fi headphones to date. With Bluetooth 5.0 and USB-C connectivity, SXFI AIR GAMER offers users the best of both worlds – enjoy music without cables and movies and gaming without delay when connecting to a PC or console. The new headphones also come with a host of magics that improve voice communication, whether it is for gaming or conference calls or online lessons.

Other features include an intuitive touch control function on the handset, a professional-quality CommanderMic microphone and the SXFI BATTLE Mode audio profile to provide the best experience for unsaturated players. It is also equipped with a Kevlar-enhanced USB cable for greater durability and plush large headphones for longer lasting comfort.

SXFI AIR GAMER are the most versatile Super X-Fi headphones to date.

Ideal for movies and music, even more so for gaming

Designed with high-quality 50mm Neodymium guides, the SXFI AIR GAMER offers rich, vibrant audio detail with superb clarity and powerful bass for a stunning Super X-Fi-powered experience, award-winning high-definition holographic technology There is a standard multi-speaker system set up in the headset.

These hybrid wireless USB headsets also feature the new SXFI BATTLE feature, a specially designed audio profile that offers a better gaming experience for users with precise audio, distance viewing and directionality to give players an edge when playing first-person-shooter games.

The magicians of voice technologies

With the latest CommanderMic featuring a unique audio design with built-in pop filter and SXFI inPerson Microphone Technology, SXFI AIR GAMER offers better noise suppression while enhancing voice reception for clearer and better communication. With Super X-Fi audio realism, it is also an ideal handset for conference calling and online learning, as users feel like they are in front of each other in the same room.

Making its debut, the brand new GamerChat technology allows users to experience Super X-Fi holographic sound effects not only for gameplay but also while chatting on their mobile via Bluetooth. With this feature, users can receive incoming calls at the same time, without having to remove their headphones and immediately return to action without interruption in the game. It also works well with gaming platforms like the Nintendo Switch which usually does not support in-game communications.

Comfort all day

Equipped with new protein leather headphones that are soft to the touch, the SXFI AIR GAMER raises the level of comfort compared to previous models. The headphone cushions are perforated to breathe better and are too large for more comfort in the ear and better shock absorption. All this will help reduce the fatigue from using the headphones, even after many hours of use.

Plenty of accessories

SXFI AIR GAMER comes with:

Specially designed USB-C cable reinforced with Kevlar, meticulously made for greater durability and power
3.5mm input line cable, allowing users to connect to any old audio source to be enhanced with Super X-Fi technology
CommanderMic, mainly for gaming and conference calls
The NanoBoom microphone as an alternative to the larger CommanderMic
A USB-C to USB-A adapter is also included for connection to older USB-A devices

With its unique design, comfort, excellent sound quality and flexible connectivity, the Creative SXFI AIR GAMER has all the qualifications to become the ideal – all in one – headset for gaming, music and movies, as well as conference calls and online training.