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Informatics: Huge shortages in specialized personnel

The search for specialized staff is a… permanent issue to be solved, if not a problem, for the majority of Greek IT companies, which have been called upon for the last two years at least to cope with a particularly increased volume of projects – in the private and public sector – and if you[...]
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Technology helps victims of vindictive pornography

According to the European Institute for Gender Equality, vindictive pornography is a form of non-consensual pornography that involves the online display of sexually explicit or graphic images without the consent of the person appearing in the images. As she states in APE-MPE, the person in charge of the Open Line for the illegal content on[...]
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How do hackers steal passwords and how to deal with it

The concept of password has been around for centuries and passwords were applied to computer science much earlier than most of us can remember. One reason for the popularity of passwords is that people instinctively know how they work. But there is a problem. Passwords are the Achilles’ heel of many people’s digital lives, especially[...]
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Digital Age: Women and IT

Digital Age: The growing IT industry brings women face to face with a male-dominated space. What is valid in Greece and Europe? Most likely, the image that most people have in mind of the IT worker is not that of a woman, but of a man, which makes sense, as women’s employment remains very limited[...]
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IT specialization: What the market is asking for today

Everything may seem stagnant today but technology is galloping fast. Through a chest of specialties, old technologies are “dusted” and come out dynamically in the space and new ones are added. Common key to all: Specialization. Take the snake out of the hole Do you know Python? Say it. You do not know; Learn. A[...]
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